Good news for coffee lovers

     A recent review of the medical literature on coffee use by the Gill Heart Institute came up with good news for coffee lovers.  To summarize:

-moderate coffee use does not increase hypertension or heart disease in general

-coffee ingredients, especially the polyphenols reduce the risk of adult diabetes and stroke.

-coffee does not increase the risk of congestive heart failure and may be preventative.

-coffee use was associated with a decrease in all-cause mortality (death in general).

They noted that there was no notable cardiovascular advantage or disadvantage to drinking decaffeinated coffee.

A few caveats were offered:

-avoid coffee if you have a serious heart rhythm problem.

-if you are a slow metabolizer of caffeine, your risk of heart attack could be slightly higher.   Usually slow metabolizers have a higher sensitivity to drugs or do better at lower doses.  If this fits your story, limit your coffee intake.

-using paper filters in making coffee can neutralize some of the benefits by raising cholesterol and raising some inflammatory factors.

     With that in mind, the majority of us who love our brew can continue to indulge.  Keep in mind that artificial creamers or sweeteners can cancel the benefits (and add the calories!) so limit them if possible.  The author of this study concluded the report with: “The bottom line on coffee for those who enjoy the brew, is that it is a wonderful beverage with rare associated CV (cardiovascular) disadvantage and with much to recommend it from an overall CV standpoint”.  I’ll drink to that!

See the  NIH Pub Med Article

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