About Dr. Baker

Who is jeffbakermd.com?

     Hi, I’m Jeff Baker, an M.D. physician specializing in integrative medicine, where conventional medical treatment is interwoven with nutritional, herbal and science based alternative therapies. The goal of myself and other like-minded physicians is to individualize the choice of these options to find the most up to date and comprehensive plan for the treatment of an individual’s disease or to promote their optimal wellness.

     Along with almost 25 years in an integrative minded medical practice, my 35 years of healthcare experience includes the fields of Family Practice, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine and major surgical assisting, which gives me a broad range of experience to draw from in looking at health problems.  Every day I’m looking for practical solutions for my patients’ most pressing health concerns.  And as two thirds of those I see are women, their health and wellness has become a central theme for my research and writing.  These posts are an opportunity for me to share that condensed knowledge with you in this blog format, previously known as “Integrative Insights on Women’s Wellness”.

Why I write the Integrative Insights blog

     This blog was started as a way of sharing some of the practical topics I talk about every day with my patients.  Many of these blog articles will discuss answers and strategies for common health concerns, where you can gather insights on the big picture and consider the potential options for your care, or for that of those you know and love.  I’ll also be commenting on health issues in the current news, and sharing useful insights I glean from my wide ranging research of what other innovative thinkers in integrative medicine are teaching and doing.

What I can do for you

My hope is that bringing you authoritative and practical insights with an integrative perspective on common health issues will help you better understand your own story, make wiser health decisions and find the resources you need to live healthier, stronger and longer.

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