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Traditional HRT continues to disappoint

     Another big study speaks to what we’ve known for more than 14 years, that failing to use bio-identical progesterone with post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a risky proposition.  One would think that the medical profession would be getting the message about this, but it’s a slow process. The British medical journal Lancet* recently reported on a long term review…

Progesterone: The Queen of Female Hormones

Much is made of the role of estrogen as a dominant female hormone, but the crucial role of bio-identical progesterone (vs synthetic progestins) is something every woman should know more about.   This article from one of my favorite compounding pharmacies gives an excellent review of the benefits of progesterone throughout the phases of one’s life. http://www.womensinternational.com/connections/progesterone.html