Most relevant links referenced are included in the blog articles themselves. The following alphabetic list includes sites I like and find useful, listed by name, general description and URL. All are active sites at last review. If you find a dead link, please let us know at

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Previously the American Holistic Medical Association, now merged with the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

 Addiction Resource

Provides a range of free resources to patients and their loved ones to help them better understand addiction and motivate them to make the first step in seeking support.

Alliance for Natural Health USA (formerly American Association for Health Freedom)

ANH is the politically active voice at federal and state levels to educate decision makers on the right of the consumer to choose,  and the practitioner to practice.

This website is a guide on natural health information that covers various areas of natural health, including nutrition, herbs, and natural remedies and therapies.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Internet portal for anti-aging medicine and advanced preventive health.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Physician organization focused on the interaction between humans and their environment. Includes “Find a Member”.

American Cancer Society

ACS is  a non-profit organization focusing on education and research on cancer prevention and treatment.  They have a conventional medicine mindset, and can be an excellent resource for options within that domain of therapy.

American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

This is a group of physicians that promote and teach science based integrative medicine. They have a Physician Locator for you to find members who are local to you.

American Herbalists Guild

A non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Includes “Find an Herbalist.”

Annie Appleseed Project

From its inception the Annie Appleseed Project decided to Challenge the existing treatment paradigm, to Question the existing research methods and subjects, and to propose new directions for both ending with true Integrative Oncology. It aims to bring complementary, alternative therapies to the mainstream.

Autism Research Institute (ARI)

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is the hub of a worldwide network of parents and professionals concerned with autism.

Dr. David Brownstein.

Dr. Brownstein is one of America’s leading integrative physicians. Find current articles and links at and

Baseline of Health Foundation

The Baseline of Health Foundation (Jon Barron, Founder) provides extensive free online health information including natural health news and daily tips, health topics and programs, and a free bi-weekly natural health newsletter.

The Cancer Control Society

The Cancer Control Society has as its mission “to prevent and control cancer and other diseases through Nutrition and Non-Toxic Therapies”.

Cancer Decisions

Created by Ralph W. Moss, PhD, a leading author and consultant on cancer treatment. His Moss Reports provides patients with a detailed, yet very readable, explanation of their particular cancer diagnosis. Each report includes an up-to-date analysis of standard treatment, as well as extensive information on complementary and alternative medicine worldwide (CAM), which adds up to a very comprehensive discussion of the most successful treatments currently available.

Information and Support Service for Lifesaving Alternative Cancer Therapies and Complementary Cancer Treatments.

Center for Food Safety

A national non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy organization working to protect human health and the environment.

Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (D.A.M.S)

Educating the public about the hazards of mercury and dental amalgam mercury fillings.

Dr. Sinatra’s blog site

Dr. Steven Sinatra is an integrative cardiologist who has been a pioneer of nutritional therapy for heart disease, especially congestive heart failure.  This site has multiple articles of interest as well as a timely blog postings on current health issues from an integrative medicine perspective.

Dr. Whitaker’s Home page and blog site

Whitaker Wellness is the largest alternative medicine clinic in the US, and his newsletter and blog has been a pioneer in online dissemination of authoritative integrative medicine information. is an independent organization that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition, producing an unbiased, searchable encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition.

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM)

was launched with a mission to identify breakthrough complementary and alternative therapies and to research and report on their effectiveness.

Grassroots Health

GrassrootsHealth is a worldwide public health campaign to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic through a focus on testing and education.  It is a resource for cutting edge information on Vitamin D basic science and clinical use.  It’s D*action project aims to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic through vitamin D testing, health tracking, and education for physicians and patients.  Grassroots Health offers reliable Vitamin D testing and advice.


Their Mission statement: exists in order to provide convenient and open access to the biomedical research available today on the therapeutic value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment. *Our website and video-based learning site provides physicians, health care practitioners, clinicians, researchers and the layperson with an evidence-based resource through which the potential or actual therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods can be determined. Our popular daily and weekly newsletters provide a continual source of relevant health information.

Healing Choices: Your Guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare

This site provides information on alternative, complementary, holistic and natural health care; a description of modalities; practitioners; and resources to help readers make informed decisions for their health.

The Healing Life is an all-inclusive website to find information about the latest methods and information about natural medicine and health techniques. Whether you are interested in the power of meditation, acupuncture, herbal remedies, or massage, this is a place to develop a greater understanding of the benefits of each practice. You can also learn about medical assisting, nursing, and personal training, if you are thinking about pursuing a more traditional career path in healing.

Health World Online

Comprehensive online resource for practitioners and conditions. Includes “Find a Professional”.

Holistic Dental Association

The Holistic Dental Association provides support and guidance to practitioners of holistic dentistry, and informs the public of the benefits of holistic dentistry. Site includes “Find a Holistic Dentist”.


A blog site dedicated to posts about healthy dietary choices, with the goal of reducing inflammation as a unifying theme.

Huggins Applied Healing

Dr. Hal Huggins, probably the best known biologic dentist in the US has multiple articles discussing the effect of mercury and amalgams on major medical disorders.

Institute for Functional Medicine

The IFM trains physicians and other practitioners to identify, treat and heal the underlying clinical imbalances of chronic disease. Site includes a “Find a FM” Practitioner”.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy for Cancer  Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

IPT is a time-proven and powerful approach to treating cancer since 1946. In short, IPT is simply an alternative way of giving traditional chemotherapy drugs. Site includes IPT practitioners.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

A network of dentists, physicians and allied health professionals committed to integrating body, mind, spirit and mouth in caring for the whole person.

The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)

IACP is an association representing more than 4,000 pharmacists, technicians, students, and members of the compounding community who focus upon the specialty practice of pharmacy compounding. They also  have an useful link to “Find a Compounding Pharmacy near you” at:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific bio-compatibility in the dental practice with information from the latest interdisciplinary research. Includes “Find a Doctor”.

International Academy of Clinical Thermography.

The IACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and the establishment of standards and guidelines in clinical thermography.

International College of Integrative Medicine

ICIM is a community of dedicated healthcare professionals advancing emergent innovative therapies in integrative and preventive healthcare by conducting educational sessions, supporting research and publications, and cooperating with other professional and scientific organizations. Site includes a “Find a Practitioner”.

International Society for Complementary Medicine Research

ISCMR is an international scientific organization of researchers, practitioners and policy makers that fosters complementary and integrative medicine research and provides a platform for knowledge and information exchange to enhance international communication and collaboration.

Jonathan Wright M.D. blog site

Dr. Wright pioneered the use of bio-identical hormone replacement, and has been a leader in science based alternative and integrative medicine since the 1970’s. See his blog and articles here:

Life Enhancement Magazine

High quality research and reports about the use and benefits of nutritional supplementation in health and disease.

Life Extension Foundation

The Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose long-range goal is the extension of the healthy human lifespan. LEF was officially incorporated in 1980, but its founder has been involved in anti-aging research since the 1960s. Life Extension Foundation. Although the site has a focus on supplement sales, it also provides very good information organized by health issue at   Their main site is

Rated the #1 web site in the world for natural health information

Mercury Free Baby

This site is dedicated to helping parents and moms-to-be by helping them become informed consumers and make an informed choices about dental fillings and vaccines.  On this website, you’ll also find helpful questions to discuss with your doctor, dentist, pediatrician, and obstetrician, as well as many facts to help you be the best advocate for your baby.

The MTHFR gene mutation is a highly significant public health problem that is poorly understood, even by many in the medical community. Yet, millions are suffering from pulmonary embolisms, addictions, fibromyalgia, miscarriages, schizophrenia, severe depression, cancer and autism to name a few. All of these may be linked to a MTHFR gene mutation in the individual expressing these symptoms and health conditions. This site is an excellent place to begin to understand how these genetic predispositions can affect your health. Also has a great list of related resources at

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

NCCAM conducts research on a wide variety of CAM approaches.

National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

The mission of NFAM is to identify breakthrough alternative therapies for degenerative disease and to scientifically research and report on the effectiveness of those therapies in order to foster worldwide cost-effective healthcare.

National Vaccine Information Center

The oldest and largest consume led organization advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system.

Natural Medicine Journal

NMJ is the official journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. It reaches more integrative medicine practitioners than any other peer-reviewed journal either online or in print. Monthly issue articles for 2009-present are online at their website:

Natural Society

Natural Society has thousands of articles on natural health that are absolutely free to anyone, and require no subscription of any kind. From the intricate science of nutrition to the ongoing politics of health, Natural Society is often the  first source to predict and release vital health information that mainstream media ignores.

Dr. Patrick Quillan’s site addressing applied nutrition as a preventive and therapeutic tool in the management of cancer.

Occidental Institute Research Foundation

OIRF is a nonprofit society that functions as an information and technology bridge linking top German practitioners and suppliers involved in aspects of German Biological Medicine with progressive English-speaking practitioners around the world.

Oregon Medical Press

Oregon Medical Press is dedicated to publishing quality books on the scientific exploration of herbs and other forms of natural medicines as used in complementary cancer treatment.

Praktikos Institute-Natural Health on the Web

Established specifically to promote consumer healthcare information and education—particularly information about natural, integrative, and truly preventive medicine.  Natural Health Science News™  collects all the day’s science news in the field of natural medicine. The site serves as an information clearinghouse where consumers can learn about the latest developments as reported by the media in what may also be referred to as complementary medicine.

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

A non-profit educational organization which is a clearinghouse of information on healthful lifestyles, ecology, sound nutrition, alternative medicine, humane farming and organic gardening

Quit Smoking Community is a virtual community that raises awareness of the consequences of smoking and helps communities become smoke-free.  This site provides a hub where visitors can access information regarding quitting smoking and download resources and tools to help them begin and complete their quit journey.

Riordan Clinic

One of America’s finest integrative medical clinics.  This page takes you to their research articles, including their work on using high dose Vitamin C for adjunctive cancer therapy.

Robert Rowen M.D. blog site

Dr. Robert Jay Rowen is internationally known for his work in the field of complementary/alternative/integrative medicine.  This blog collection of articles (lower right side of his home page) some by the author, others curated, provide integrative perspectives on a range of topics. www

Orthomolecular Health Medicine Society

OHM was founded in 1994 to promote orthomolecular health-medicine, based on the medical use of nutrients, detoxification from pollutants, and physiological support of healing.

Society for Integrative Oncology

SIO is a nonprofit, multi-disciplinary organization founded in 2003 for health professionals committed to the study and application of complementary therapies and botanicals for cancer patients.

The Townsend Letter:  The Examiner of Alternative Medicine

This journal is one of the finest sources for science based articles on holistic, complementary and alternative therapies.  Many of their articles are found on the site, at:

The Vitamin D Council

The Vitamin D Council is a non-profit organization working to educate the public on vitamin D, sun exposure and health.  Its site serves as a center for evidence-based vitamin D research and is a reliable source of up to date research and clinical application about Vitamin D for the general public.

Weston A. Price Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism.  This site has a wealth of articles in its Health Topics, Journals Videos and Blogs sections

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